Surrounded in clouds


Do you ever notice that looking at clouds sometimes just takes your mind on vacation? It feels like looking at a cloud can temporarily take the thought you were just thinking and make it disappear? Do you suppose that was God’s intention? Like the flowers in a meadow were meant not only to be pretty but to also have us remember that we’re all in this together? We’re not alone.  Even when we feel alone. We never are.

And perhaps the air we breathe was meant as a reminder to really take in the preciousness of life and to remember that each day is a gift and our time is limited and one day we will not need to breathe as we do now in our bodies…but we will be transported to a place where we are constantly in care and where we no longer need to have a watch or a car.  I wonder…these things I do wonder.


Sometimes you jazz have to!

My mom said “you don’t need college, you need to come play music with me”. I still enrolled for community college in Tucson, Az. I took a violin class. When the teacher told me to stop tapping my foot while I was playing, I quit! I quickly packed my bags and got on the bus and headed for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where my mom and step-father were living.

There’s a remote village down the coast from P.V. called Yelapa. They were renting a “palapa in Yelapa” for about $100/year. It was about a 1/2 hour boat ride to get to the city, and this is where you could find them playing music in the local restaurants and hotels.

My mom and Ron were very happy to see me and they put me to work right away. It wasn’t a bad life ya know? I played music with them. In exchange, my mother made sure I was eating lots of fresh foods, like papaya, coconuts, liquados. Ron would catch fish and he’d make ceviche.

I can’t say that it was always fun, there were things I just couldn’t get used to. I wasn’t a huge fan of the boat ride to and from Yelapa. I would sleep with the flashlight on because of the bugs that would crawl around. But I knew I had to be there. Playing music with them seemed natural and it was an important part of my development somehow. For me, I could’ve never received the training in college that I received from my mom and Ron. I eventually left…continuing to find my own rhythm..I still am.



imageTo make this very long story a little shorter…just want to say that after 25 years…not much really has changed, but at the same time it has. They both still live down in Mexico, no longer playing music together or in a relationship with each other. Whenever we talk on Skype or phone, music is always the topic of conversation. And…of course FOOD!!

I finished a recording with my step-dad last month. He calls it something that was on his “bucket list” he wanted to do with me. I still have yet to do a recording with just my mom…I’m hoping that is in our near future. It would sound amazing! But mostly I want something Paloma can listen to and know that music is really in her DNA as well.

I recorded 2 cd’s with my mom and Ron. One is called “Hot Samba Nights” it has the flavor of latin-jazz, the other is called “Coastlines”… it has an Andreas Vollenweider feel to it.

Cuddle shop


I just heard they opened a cuddle shop somewhere on this planet. Seriously, a place where you go to get snuggled!

What if we just spent more time spooning?? I think that’s what’s missing in todays news. Who’s spooning who?

This photo actually is of my mom, sister and me several weeks ago early in the morning. The reality of this photo is that it only lasted about 5 minutes before we left the warmth of the bed and were in the kitchen making coffee.

The rest of the day was nice, but nothing compared to that few
quiet moments where our hearts were sandwiched together!

Make magic!


Don’t you notice how sometimes there’s syncronicity and then sometimes it just seems like nothing ever comes together? Well, I had been living in an RV for about a year when my step dad called me and said “hey, Saph why don’t we record music together?”. At that time in my life I had just sold my Taylor guitar to pay some bills and I was getting quite depressed thinking that playing music was becoming something of my past.
I agreed and told him that I would see what I could do.

Many months later he called again and said “okay Saph, how about I send you a plane ticket, let’s make magic”. I took a deep breath and said “Yes”.

Things were coming together AND there was syncronicity happening.

We met up in Tucson. I brought my almost 2 year old daughter with me. We stayed with my sister and my mom flew up from Mexico to take care of Paloma while I could rehearse and record.

Boom. We rehearsed 2 days, I recorded my parts in 2 days. It flowed magically.
The song Samba Manana came about from Ron having this cool groove on the guitar, he said “how about you scat to this?” so I did. No words…just scat. I love it.

We’re thinking maybe we could record another album in April of 2015.
Photo by Jaimelyn Doering at Jade Beall Photography studio.

I’ll take the unrefined life

Paloma Rose, my daughter. Probably the only child I’ll ever have. Only because I waited too long to have kids. I WAITED TOO long!!! Today I woke up before Paloma. Just like every other day. I WAIT for her to wake up! I can hardly wait to see her smile, feel her chubby arms and kiss her lips. Okay I admit. I am totally and completely in awe and in love with this little Kewpie doll baby.


I was talking with my good friend David Boyko on the phone today. He said “Sapphire, ya know I’ll be 80 in 10 years and you’re just getting started with your life”. He’s RIGHT! I really am. I know women my age are having grand babies and great-grand babies and here I am….just starting out! Alright! Well I am up for that challenge.
If I can call it a challenge. To me this all seems like a dream anyway.


One of my passions and William also feels this way…we want Paloma to look back at her life and say “wow, my parents were in love and in love with ME and they lived a fun, creative life”. Today William and I had a minor fight on who gets to take Paloma out of her car seat and carry her into the store. I said “No, I want to carry her”. He stood in front of me so he could get to her “No, Sapphire I’ll get her”. “William, let me carry her”. “That’s okay, I’ve got her”. “But I want her”. “I’ve already got her”. “How about let me get her”. We kept going on like that…Paloma was silent and just watched her crazy parents argue over who would carry her. I always wonder what goes on in her brain. I can tell you this though. When she poops her diaper there is NO ONE eager to get to her first. Funny how that works.


We had our second go at having a garage sale today. This time we actually had people come by and take a lot of our big items. I think I’d like to have a perpetual garage sale. For one reason only: To meet people. Today a woman about 23 came walking up to our garage sale. Obviously pregnant probably about 5 months along. She was looking at the HUGE rack of baby clothes I had out. Then she walked away. I got to her before she could go too far. I said “Do you need baby clothes?” “because if you do you can HAVE all these!” She was very happy as I started to pull them all together for her. I said “are you having a girl?” she smiled and said “yes, I am”. I beamed “that’s PERFECT…these are ALL baby girl clothes, newborn to 6 months”. As I was helping her carry this load of clothes to her car she quietly said “thank you so much, I work at Pizza Hut and don’t make much money”.

I have to say, I LOVE meeting everyday people. The folks that get foodstamps, the people who help bag groceries at Family Fare.
So, to sum up my day….Although ordinary it was Extraordinary!


Million dollar baby

We had a garage sale this past weekend. 3 people showed up. I personally have a bunch of antiques that I don’t need anymore. Time to let them go and have someone else haul them around. This is a picture of a kissing Dutch couple. Somehow I aquired them. I remember them sitting on top of my grandmother’s piano. The lips are magnets and their heads bob and they smash their faces together! I put them in the garage sale too.


So… one of the people that came through was a gentleman with a very large personality. Tom was his name. A retired pharmacist. He has 7 children and 18 GRANDCHILDREN!! He built a log cabin with his wife and has been living in it for the past 30 years. While he gave us his life story he kept saying how lucky we were to have such a beautiful child. He asked her name. I told him “Paloma”. Then he said to me…”Oh, like Pablo Picasso’s daughter!” His cheeks were pink and his hair was very thick, wavy and silver. I noticed while he kept talking. “Ya know…my son and his wife spent $50,000 trying to get pregnant”. “They still don’t have a child”. “Are you all thinking of having another child?” “Ever thought of carrying a child for someone?” “People would happily pay you a MILLION DOLLARS for a baby that looks like YOURS!”. “Fair skin, blue eyes, blond hair”. At this point William was holding Paloma and I could see him squeeze her TIGHTER!! “Oh no, we’re done having kids” William said matter of factly. I could hear myself thinking…”well, leave it up to God, because I NEVER expected to be where I am now”.


Tom actually asked if there was anything Paloma needed. We both looked at each other in shock. I guess we looked desperate. William stumbled on his words and said “oh no Sir. We’re fine, she has everything and more”. Tom happily added “…cuz ya know we have a lot of toys since we’re grandparents to 18 grandchildren”. And then this silver haired gentleman held up a pair of needle nose plyers and said “how much for these?”. I said “just a dollar”. He pulled out a dollar bill, handed it to me, shook our hands and wished us well. We watched as he got into his truck and drove away. And that was that!

William and I looked around at ALL our stuff that didn’t sell. We wiped our sweaty brows and thought about it for a moment, then we packed it up like the Beverly Hillbillies and dumped it into Lake Michigan!!!! Ha! Just kidding. I wouldn’t do that. No, we’re planning another sale. But watch for this next chapter of our lives….I can’t WAIT to see what happens next.

Who cares if it’s a fad, I feel RAD!!!


What makes a person want to add Juicing to their lifestyle? Well, for me…it was because my Godfather just watched the movie “Fat, sick and nearly dead”. He was inspired and said he wanted to juice for 2 weeks. So, we ALL jumped on the juice train with him. To prepare for such an adventure I cleaned out the fridge…I pretty much threw EVERYTHING out and started over. I went to the store and bought a HUGE list of produce. When last Monday arrived I was quite excited and ready! There’s an AMAZING amount of cleaning of produce and then cutting, then juicing and then CLEANING the juicer out. I’m not gonna lie, the first 2 days were hard and I started to see stars!!! I felt VERY lightheaded and HUNGRY!!!! Then we decided to add a salad and black bean burgers as 1 meal instead of juicing. By the 4th day I bounced out of bed with TONS of energy. image


It’s now day 7, I have lost 5 pounds. William has lost 6 pounds and David has lost 10!!! For me, this has been great for my energy level. I feel FANTASTIC! What I notice is that I don’t crave a lot of fried foods or white foods much anymore. I don’t even crave CHOCOLATE! What? Seriously. Why is that? I used to go and buy the SAME juice everyday from Whole Foods. My favorite was carrot, apple and ginger. Well NOW that I’m juicing several times a day, I’m experimenting with different combinations. BUT, I have to say, I REALLY enjoy watermelon juice. The blueberry, grape, spinach, ginger and apple comes second. It’s SOOO fun to open the fridge and see a rainbow of colors! Speaking of colors….Q. What did the green grape say to the purple grape? A. Breathe! Breathe!


Ya know what’s a little weird…but I’m NOT complaining…a side effect of all this is…my creative JUICES are flowing!!!! I was feeling pretty dried up for a while there. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. For example: my research in finding the best and upscale jokes have stepped up a notch… Q. What’s invisible and smells like carrots? A. Bunny farts.