Do stones hold energy???


ImageI love turquoise. I don’t even know why. I’m just drawn to it. It happens to be my birthstone, but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. When I wear the stone I feel rooted, grounded, like nothing can shake me. I’ve always loved gem stones. I wonder if it’s because my mother named me Sapphire. I don’t even know if that’s why. I love how when you wear stones they warm up on your skin.

I’ve always wondered how can stones hold energy. Can they? Is it just a mental imagination thing? Well, I can tell you a story that happened to me:

About a week before I gave birth to Paloma, a good friend Cindy came over. She asked me what special jewelry was I going to wear home from the hospital. I told her “Wow Cindy, I hadn’t thought of it”. She said “Oh you MUST wear something lovely when you bring home your daughter”. Just then, my Godfather David handed me a heavy neckpiece and put it around my neck. I immediately was flooded with emotion and could feel energy from this necklace. I looked down and saw it was my Godmother’s Squash Blossom necklace. David said “Jetta, would want you to wear this”. I broke out in a HUGE sobbing, crying my eyes, my heart out…full on wailing episode. I had to take it off immediately. I could feel her on me like she was a part of me. I felt her love for me. Jetta died of cancer 4 years ago. I could see in my minds eye her glowing skin wearing this Navajo piece David had bought for HER 30 years ago.

It took me by surprise that a piece of jewelry could effect me like that. A PIECE OF JEWELRY!!!! Well, I am sentimental why wouldn’t it surprise me? The gemstones I wear today will one day be handed down to my darling daughter or precious nephew. I hope by just the very sight of them, they will also remember MY love.

Green Jello stay mellow


If you ever have to have surgery and then recover in a place, the Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids ain’t all that bad.

Today I spent the day with my Godfather David after he had back surgery. He’s now superman. It was a 4 hour surgery. They scraped out arthritis out of his joints
in his spine. I had no idea you could even do that!

While I was there a nutritionist came into the room to talk about a diet for David. Since the pyramid way of portion no longer exists, they use a plate now. The USDA, the agency in charge of nutrition, has switched to a new symbol: a colorful plate —called MyPlate. The big message is that fruits and vegetables take up half of the plate. The other half is protein, grains and dairy.

BUT what was a little weird is that they brought David a plate of liquids which consisted of green jello, beef broth, apple juice and black tea. This also happened to me after my c-section. They brought me a bunch of weird combination of liquid things. I’m not here to write about what I think is better, I’m just writing to state a fact that what are the hospitals thinking in terms of healing folks with green jello? Well, perhaps they are thinking that the green jello will make people smile and by smiling they will be happy and by being happy they will HEAL. Could be???????

So after a full day of interacting with nurses and friends visiting David, I came home feeling tired. So I took a bath with my baby girl and then put together some homemade hot chocolate with cinnamon and real Mexican vanilla. Ahhhhhhh…. I AM smiling.