Just an ordinary day…or WAS it?


Well after the last screaming child in public incident I decided to venture out all on my own today! The baby seat you see behind me is EMPTY. Paloma stayed home with her adoring father. So, how do I entertain myself??? I’m free to go anywhere…do WHATEVER!

I drove myself to downtown Holland. I LOVE it there. There are outdoor cafe’s, fudge shops, breweries, pizza shops, Aveda salon, crazy expensive baby stores, ice cream and yoghurt shops and of course coffee shops. It was lunch time and the cafe’s were hustling with people on their breaks. There’s also a music store downtown, so I stopped in to pick up bass strings for William. It’s a VERY small music store, but they have EVERYTHING you would need. The guy behind the counter looked like a musician. He had dreads down to his belt buckle.

After the music store excitement, I went to the Aveda salon and just had a trim. The same ol’ thing I do with my hair EVERY time! To tell you the truth, I just wanted someone to pamper me. Plus, it’s kind of like a therapy session, except I was bummed, because this stylist didn’t want to talk. She didn’t ask me any questions except “what are we going to do with your hair today?”. I tried starting a conversation…”So, you’ve been busy today?” (what a boring question I thought to myself) She said “Yes”. She was focused on trimming my hair. Okay…the conversation ended. I closed my eyes and daydreamed!!!!

I daydreamed that I was living in a cool climate, where there were forests and beaches, that I was IN LOVE, had a baby, that I was writing songs and playing violin, making black bean burgers, growing catnip and I had an ability to make funky weird faces and….oh WAIT….that’s NOT a dream…it’s happening!!!

10 thoughts on “Just an ordinary day…or WAS it?

  1. How awesome when you can live a life of your dreams! It may not feel like it every day, but when it does, and you know you’re on your right track, it feels so…delicious!

    1. You’re right it doesn’t always feel like it. For me when I was writing this it was about wanting what I have. I actually have BIGGER dreams…but for now this is working. I don’t know maybe bigger dreams are overrated.

    1. Rebecca, yes I am VERY fortunate to be able to get away when I need to. I just hardly ever want to leave Paloma’s side. William sometimes MAKES me go and do something for myself. Miss seeing you and spending time with you Rebecca. You make me laugh too.

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