Chew slow, be happy and EAT chocolate!


I LOVE chocolate, don’t you? Of course you do!! If you don’t you’re NOT human. I bought this bag of chocolate today and boy, did it satisfy an amazing craving I had. So much for the advice “when you have a craving for something sweet, go ahead and walk around the block and when you come back see if you still want it”. Well heck yeah I still want it! Are you crazy?
After I have chocolate or something REALLY yummy I usually feel like Robert Downey, Jr. in Iron Man, where instantly I am all suited up and ready for take off. That must be powerful stuff eh? The bad part is I usually “crash” after the rush. What do you do when you “crash”? Here’s what I do. I usually run around in a circle 3 times, do the mexican hat dance and then drop! I don’t get up until I feel certain that someone else has polished off the rest of the chocolate…or sometimes what I do is I holler from the next room as I lay sprawled out on the carpeted floor…”will someone PLEASE hide the rest of those chocolates”.
And then after a day or so I am begging “will you tell me where you stashed those chocolates?” “I am okay now, really I am”. I blame this inconsistency entirely on my family tree.


One of my favorite movies as a child was “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory”. Our long time family friend Brian McCue actually looks like Gene Wilder. (pictured above with another of my favorite people Chandika). I think I probably watched the movie “Like Water for Chocolate” a dozen times and cried my eyes out! So many times I thought it would be fantastic to open a chocolate shop like that woman did in the movie “Chocolat”.
You probably wonder “why in the world is she buying Hershey’s chocolate?”. Here’s my answer “Because it was there”. Believe me, I used to ONLY buy organic dark chocolate from Whole Foods. I’ve loosened up SOOOO much since having Paloma and ya know what it FEELS GREAT! Anyhow…I just recently read an article from Hershey’s chocolate that said “chocolate more nutritious than fruits”. What??? With that said…I’m NOT one of those “believe everything you hear, read type gal”. In the meantime…I’ll be saving my pennies to open a chocolate shoppe built in a treehouse! Yes. I think I’ll name it “Wild Child Turtledove Chocolate”. Too long? Okay, how about “Beaming Smile Chocolate”? Perhaps not so good if we had to shorten it, that would be “BS Chocolate”. Probably NOT a big seller I’m thinking. I’ll leave you with a fun quote I read somewhere “Nuts take up space where chocolate ought to be”.

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