Father from the heart

I don’t think it’s that unusual to have several fathers, or is it?

My birth father Larry was exceptionally talented and good looking. I wish he was still alive today. He died rather young because of two medications that didn’t jive, erupted in his stomach and killed him, he was only 45. He played flute, piano, guitar and sang. He had a band with my mom called Severed Hands of the Severed Mind. I don’t have any of those recordings. That was in the 60’s.


When my mom remarried Tom SEVERAL years later it was on a beach. She married this guy who loved to dance. He came from Indiana, where he studied art. I was probably 6 or 7 years old. Tom would spend hours with me drawing. Later in my teens he spent hours teaching me Hatha yoga. He is NOW one of Tucson, Arizona’s most well known Hatha yoga teachers. During this relationship, the astounding, bright and brilliant Jade Twilight was born!!


When the relationship to Tom ended my mother spent 16 years with Ron. I was about 13 when my mom and I would go listen to Ron play music at clubs. She sat in and played flute. He’d play his guitar and sing like there was NOTHING going to stop him. I’ll never forget how he’d rock his body to the rhythm of his guitar, while his smile took up his WHOLE face. He influenced all of us to move to Mexico. He still has a place in Yelapa. I was taught songwriting and guitar rhythm style from him.


There was a “Love Ceremony” when she married Rigoberto. A beautiful man from Veracruz. The two of them created quite a duo with classical music. I visited them while they lived on a ranch near Puerto Vallarta. Rigo helped me record and video “3 Generations”.


My Godfather David was there from the beginning and to this very day! He came with his wife Jetta to Germany when I was born. He carried me on his back in a backpack. While in Germany while I slept he let my mom and Jetta perm his hair. These days he drives a Harley…well, it’s in storage while he recovers from spine surgery. It was because of him that I loved convertibles. He ALWAYS had one. His most famous line to me “create your OWN mantra!”.


16 thoughts on “Father from the heart

    1. Hey Jade…watch out for mom now cuz she is going to be getting a book deal soon to tell her story. : ) Thanks for liking my blog and music and EVERYTHING! Means a lot!!!

  1. hey my baby girl……..i love your post and hearing your comments on each of the wonderful men in ‘our lives’ that contributed to your evolution….i feel fortunate that we had such beautiful energy from these men as they added their unique way of influencing my incredible growing daughter. gratitude to all of you loving
    fathers that passed through our lives……

  2. It is my honor to witness your becoming…more than the sum of your past fathers, each adding their love and talent, …… now you emerge..author to your own unique story. The metamorphoses uncomfortable to many who love you , but the emergence of an authentic self is often marked by friction.
    What ever i am or was to you, i know a father’s joy is in seeing their child blossom beyond all love and gifts or talent shared. Always quietly supporting you as you create life….. First the life of Sapphire as you will have it, releasing your self from all past definition ……and then to my delight, you create anew, choosing William to be your partner and father for Paloma.
    I can see all your past fathers in him and more……you have chosen well.
    another thought….becoming your authentic self is not an accident nor a gift, nor a right of birth….It does not come to you from a good father or mother….your birth right, the gift all have given to you, is the possibility to evolve beyond us, and then for you and William to teach your daughter to free herself, and also be the author of her own story.
    The only real disaster occurs when we give our pen to another to write our story and become who they imagine, abandoning our authentic self.
    thank you for keeping me in your life
    mi Dios hija

    1. David!! For someone to write what you did ONLY comes from experience! You are SO wise. Thank you, thank you. I’m blessed for sure. I will be sure to re-read this wisdom. Love you, Sapphire

  3. Thanks for sharing about these beautiful souls who guided and nurtured you throughout your life:)

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