I’ll take the unrefined life

Paloma Rose, my daughter. Probably the only child I’ll ever have. Only because I waited too long to have kids. I WAITED TOO long!!! Today I woke up before Paloma. Just like every other day. I WAIT for her to wake up! I can hardly wait to see her smile, feel her chubby arms and kiss her lips. Okay I admit. I am totally and completely in awe and in love with this little Kewpie doll baby.


I was talking with my good friend David Boyko on the phone today. He said “Sapphire, ya know I’ll be 80 in 10 years and you’re just getting started with your life”. He’s RIGHT! I really am. I know women my age are having grand babies and great-grand babies and here I am….just starting out! Alright! Well I am up for that challenge.
If I can call it a challenge. To me this all seems like a dream anyway.


One of my passions and William also feels this way…we want Paloma to look back at her life and say “wow, my parents were in love and in love with ME and they lived a fun, creative life”. Today William and I had a minor fight on who gets to take Paloma out of her car seat and carry her into the store. I said “No, I want to carry her”. He stood in front of me so he could get to her “No, Sapphire I’ll get her”. “William, let me carry her”. “That’s okay, I’ve got her”. “But I want her”. “I’ve already got her”. “How about let me get her”. We kept going on like that…Paloma was silent and just watched her crazy parents argue over who would carry her. I always wonder what goes on in her brain. I can tell you this though. When she poops her diaper there is NO ONE eager to get to her first. Funny how that works.


We had our second go at having a garage sale today. This time we actually had people come by and take a lot of our big items. I think I’d like to have a perpetual garage sale. For one reason only: To meet people. Today a woman about 23 came walking up to our garage sale. Obviously pregnant probably about 5 months along. She was looking at the HUGE rack of baby clothes I had out. Then she walked away. I got to her before she could go too far. I said “Do you need baby clothes?” “because if you do you can HAVE all these!” She was very happy as I started to pull them all together for her. I said “are you having a girl?” she smiled and said “yes, I am”. I beamed “that’s PERFECT…these are ALL baby girl clothes, newborn to 6 months”. As I was helping her carry this load of clothes to her car she quietly said “thank you so much, I work at Pizza Hut and don’t make much money”.

I have to say, I LOVE meeting everyday people. The folks that get foodstamps, the people who help bag groceries at Family Fare.
So, to sum up my day….Although ordinary it was Extraordinary!


7 thoughts on “I’ll take the unrefined life

  1. I like the idea of the perpetual yard sale! It is a great way to meet people! How funny about you and William deciding who will carry Paloma!!!! Her life is so full of wonderful love!

  2. That warms my heart to hear the story of helping out a sister. I am sure she shall pay it forward, too. Maybe Paloma can meet that baby one day!

    1. For the rest of the garage sale I told people to name their price. It was fun! I’m totally unattached to my “stuff”. It also doesn’t hurt that my “stuff” is junk! Oh…but what’s that wise old saying? “one mans junk is another mans treasure”. That makes me laugh, who is the one that came up with that.

  3. Being unattached is so freeing! It’s so cool when you pass something on to someone who will love it next!!

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