Cuddle shop


I just heard they opened a cuddle shop somewhere on this planet. Seriously, a place where you go to get snuggled!

What if we just spent more time spooning?? I think that’s what’s missing in todays news. Who’s spooning who?

This photo actually is of my mom, sister and me several weeks ago early in the morning. The reality of this photo is that it only lasted about 5 minutes before we left the warmth of the bed and were in the kitchen making coffee.

The rest of the day was nice, but nothing compared to that few
quiet moments where our hearts were sandwiched together!

Make magic!


Don’t you notice how sometimes there’s syncronicity and then sometimes it just seems like nothing ever comes together? Well, I had been living in an RV for about a year when my step dad called me and said “hey, Saph why don’t we record music together?”. At that time in my life I had just sold my Taylor guitar to pay some bills and I was getting quite depressed thinking that playing music was becoming something of my past.
I agreed and told him that I would see what I could do.

Many months later he called again and said “okay Saph, how about I send you a plane ticket, let’s make magic”. I took a deep breath and said “Yes”.

Things were coming together AND there was syncronicity happening.

We met up in Tucson. I brought my almost 2 year old daughter with me. We stayed with my sister and my mom flew up from Mexico to take care of Paloma while I could rehearse and record.

Boom. We rehearsed 2 days, I recorded my parts in 2 days. It flowed magically.
The song Samba Manana came about from Ron having this cool groove on the guitar, he said “how about you scat to this?” so I did. No words…just scat. I love it.

We’re thinking maybe we could record another album in April of 2015.
Photo by Jaimelyn Doering at Jade Beall Photography studio.