Make magic!


Don’t you notice how sometimes there’s syncronicity and then sometimes it just seems like nothing ever comes together? Well, I had been living in an RV for about a year when my step dad called me and said “hey, Saph why don’t we record music together?”. At that time in my life I had just sold my Taylor guitar to pay some bills and I was getting quite depressed thinking that playing music was becoming something of my past.
I agreed and told him that I would see what I could do.

Many months later he called again and said “okay Saph, how about I send you a plane ticket, let’s make magic”. I took a deep breath and said “Yes”.

Things were coming together AND there was syncronicity happening.

We met up in Tucson. I brought my almost 2 year old daughter with me. We stayed with my sister and my mom flew up from Mexico to take care of Paloma while I could rehearse and record.

Boom. We rehearsed 2 days, I recorded my parts in 2 days. It flowed magically.
The song Samba Manana came about from Ron having this cool groove on the guitar, he said “how about you scat to this?” so I did. No words…just scat. I love it.

We’re thinking maybe we could record another album in April of 2015.
Photo by Jaimelyn Doering at Jade Beall Photography studio.

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