Sometimes you jazz have to!

My mom said “you don’t need college, you need to come play music with me”. I still enrolled for community college in Tucson, Az. I took a violin class. When the teacher told me to stop tapping my foot while I was playing, I quit! I quickly packed my bags and got on the bus and headed for Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where my mom and step-father were living.

There’s a remote village down the coast from P.V. called Yelapa. They were renting a “palapa in Yelapa” for about $100/year. It was about a 1/2 hour boat ride to get to the city, and this is where you could find them playing music in the local restaurants and hotels.

My mom and Ron were very happy to see me and they put me to work right away. It wasn’t a bad life ya know? I played music with them. In exchange, my mother made sure I was eating lots of fresh foods, like papaya, coconuts, liquados. Ron would catch fish and he’d make ceviche.

I can’t say that it was always fun, there were things I just couldn’t get used to. I wasn’t a huge fan of the boat ride to and from Yelapa. I would sleep with the flashlight on because of the bugs that would crawl around. But I knew I had to be there. Playing music with them seemed natural and it was an important part of my development somehow. For me, I could’ve never received the training in college that I received from my mom and Ron. I eventually left…continuing to find my own rhythm..I still am.



imageTo make this very long story a little shorter…just want to say that after 25 years…not much really has changed, but at the same time it has. They both still live down in Mexico, no longer playing music together or in a relationship with each other. Whenever we talk on Skype or phone, music is always the topic of conversation. And…of course FOOD!!

I finished a recording with my step-dad last month. He calls it something that was on his “bucket list” he wanted to do with me. I still have yet to do a recording with just my mom…I’m hoping that is in our near future. It would sound amazing! But mostly I want something Paloma can listen to and know that music is really in her DNA as well.

I recorded 2 cd’s with my mom and Ron. One is called “Hot Samba Nights” it has the flavor of latin-jazz, the other is called “Coastlines”… it has an Andreas Vollenweider feel to it.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes you jazz have to!

  1. Coastlines is still about my favorite CD of all time, and I play it a lot. Thanks for sharing the vintage photos!

  2. I love coastlines and now we have Samba Manana!!!! I love love love to hear you sing and the beautiful blending of yours and Ron’s voices and your mama

  3. Hi Saphire! I spoke to Ron 2 days before he left us; a sweet goodbye. I’m going to take care of some things for him here in Tucson. I love Coastlines, especially ‘Sea Birds’. I no longer have the CD. If you have an idea how I might get a copy, please let me know. My # in Tucson is 520 9046050.
    Love to you and yours-
    Ed Davenport

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