People usually ask me “how did you get that name Sapphire? Is that your ‘spiritual’ name?” or “is that your birth name?”. Well, yes and YES!
I was born in the 60’s when it was COOL to be a rebel and ask questions and be in LOVE!
Not much has changed. I see myself still as a follower of LOVE and I think it’s cool to be a love child and HAVE a love child.

Things I’m NOT good at. Are: moving fast, saving money, sometimes saying “no”, running, making Chinese food, growing ferns, polishing my violin, changing diapers, shaving my legs, dentist appointments and dusting.

Things I AM good at. Are: Being in Love, writing music, taking care of my family, walking in the park, tying my shoes and other people’s shoes, sweeping, baking chocolate chip cookies, keeping pedicure appointments and making the cat mad.

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